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White Metal Know-How

Thanks to its know-how in the white metal field, ALC Bearings can easily answer to peculiar requests of heavy industry. In particular, ALC Bearings specializes in babbitt metal.


  • With more than 2.000 units operating through the world, ALC plain bearings are particularly well-adapted to heavy industry rotating machines, and to its tough operating conditions. They are renowned for their high quality and very long service life which reflect many decades of research and development.

  • Mastering the cast and adhesion techniques of antifriction alloy, ALC Bearings offers a wide range of new products along with services of revamping of existing equipment: 

    • White metal bearing bushes & hydrodynamic pads

    • Roll housing bearings

    • Compressor crossheads


ALC Bearings can produce a broad spectrum of pieces requiring babbitt lining in many industrial sectors.

ALC Plain Bearings

ALC bearings are heavy-duty equipment. They are particularly well-adapted to the heavy industry rotating machines and to their tough operating conditions.

White Metal Lining

ALC Bearings offers to assist its clients in the repair of any type of pieces – medium-sized to very large pieces – with an antifriction metal lining.

Antifriction Services

ALC Bearings offers the most economical repair or replacement solution.

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