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Spare Parts

ALC Services also specializes in accessories related to rotating machines:

  • Roller station: It is composed of two thrust rollers which rotate in two bearing housings; of one frame; of adjusting devices for the rollers, a safety hood with a lubrication system for the rolling surfaces.

  • Control unit: The movement is transmitted through the girth gear, which is meshed by a pinion. Depending on the size of the machine or the place available, other kinds of controls can be used, such as a transmission chain or a central driver.

- Girth gear: It is manufactured in one or more pieces and is made of tempered cast steel. The gear teeth are cut mechanically. It is fastened through various means.

- Drive pinion: It is generally fixed to an independent shaft and supported by bearings on both sides. It is connected to the gear motor through an elastic coupling system.

  • Shell and tire: ALC Services can manufacture all kinds of tire; their fixing and erection methods depend on the process requirements and the customer specific requests.

    - Types: mechanically-welded, forged, cast or combined (bearing & drive)

    - Fixing methods: shrunk-on (own process), bolted, on wedges or welded

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